Sallux is the political foundation for the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM). Formerly known as the Christian Political Foundation for Europe (CPFE), it supports ECPM especially in terms of research and political content through pan-European cooperation with experts and academics active on policy matters.

Sallux is a combined word from the Latin words for salt and light.

Sallux wants to spark a salted debate where needed and shed light on the issues we face. We present solutions and disseminate information by way of events and publications; we will not stay on the safe side of the status quo. Relational thinking and biblical principles are applicable to every dimension of our lives. Sallux will shine its light specifically on the following topics: Christian Politics, Economy & Geopolitics, The Future of the EU, Life & Ethics.

Sallux shares the ECPM’s basic programme and Christian values. As an association, it welcomes like-minded think-tanks, NGOs and individual politicians as members. Together with these partner-organizations, Sallux exchanges information and ideas and is spreading a new vision with a positive influence on European society.

Sallux and its partners promote a Christian relational vision as a future-oriented cultural alternative to the current dominant culture of individualism and secularism. The human being is in essence a relational being. This is based on both the Christian view and real-life experience of human existence. For Sallux, this perspective is decisive for all aspects of society and policy-making.

Head Office

Bergstraat 33
3811 NG Amersfoort
The Netherlands
+31 33 304 0011

Brussels Office

Belliardstraat 205
1040 Brussels
+32 22 301 300

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From 2010 on, the activities of the ECPM are financially supported by the European Parliament. The liability for any communication or publication by the ECPM, in any form and any medium, rests with the ECPM. The European Parliament is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.