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ECPM Board

Branislav Škripek


Country: Slovakia
Career: former Member of the European Parliament; vice-president of Kresťanská únia
Political party: Kresťanská únia


Jacques Bazen


Country: The Netherlands
Career: Senior Lecturer on Entrepreneurship and International Economics at Saxion University of Applied Sciences
Political party: SGP

Filip Łajszczak


Country: Poland
Career: former APA to MEP Marek Jurek, former Head of the Multilateral Cooperation Division in the Chancellery of the Sejm
Political party: Prawica Rzeczypospolitej

Valeriu Ghileţchi

Country: Moldova
Career: assistant to Ion Groza (Moldovan MP), former Member of the Moldovan Parliament, former Secretary of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and European Integration, former Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)
Political party: Independent

Stieneke van der Graaf

Country: The Netherlands
Career: Member of the Parliament of the Netherlands. Formerly Member of the Dutch Provincial Parliament (leader of the group). Legal Counsel at an international company focused on financing micro- and small business in developing countries and emerging economies
Political party: ChristianUnion

Ladislav Ilčić

Country: Croatia
Career: President of political party Hrast - Movement for successful Croatia, former Councilor in the City Council of the city of Varaždin, former President of the Committee for Education, Health and Social Welfare of the City Council of the city of Varaždin, former Member of the Croatian Parliament
Political party: Hrast

Karin Heepen

Country: Germany
Career: Chairwoman of Bündnis C; former board member of Sallux; lecturer at various educational institutes in Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology and Ethics.
Political party: Bündnis C