The Christian Roots of Europe

Friday, April 21, 2023

The Christian Roots of Europe

The leaders of Contigo Mas in the suburbs of the Madrid greater area- Pozuelo de Alarcón and Arroyomolinos- joined by the ECPM General Director and an international expert on the history of Europe, spoke with about forty guests about the Christian roots of the European Union and about the history of Christian-democracy in Europe.

The event took place in front of a monument dedicated to Europe, the Perdigones Hill, in Pozuelo. Both the Spanish and the European anthems were sung and the flags were raised in a ceremonial moment.

By organizing this event we wanted to remind Europeans and Spaniards that the European Union project was based on Christian values like peace, justice, equality, solidarity. We want the European institutions and legislation to reflect and to include this historical truth.

Although the origins of the European union and its economic community are recent, the European citizens forgot or missed how and why it all started and that it is this which all the countries in Europe have in common. The main issue addressed in this event was an exposition of the Christian roots of European culture and political system and a call to return or to rediscover those roots. The conclusion of the event was that Christian-democratic values are still relevant today because it puts the human being at the centre of the political activity.

Professor Burgos, an expert in European history and thought, spoke about the Greek, Roman and Christian roots of Europe and emphasized in his talk how Christianity's central tenet- that the human being has intrinsic worth and value- shaped European history and culture, including our legal and political systems. He also pointed out how this aspect is something uniquely European, part of the European soul and DNA. The other speakers expressed that European Christian democrats have a duty to keep alive this heritage and history and to fight for the Christian roots of Europe to be recognized and reflected in EU speak and legislation. Miguel Pérez de los Mozos and Carlos Ruipérez, the Contigo Mas leaders in the two suburbs, reminded the audience of Spain's origins and history and its Catholic faith which can be instrumental in guiding a legislator and is linked to our freedoms and rights.

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