News » Study visit in Amsterdam for ECPM Member Parties Representatives

Friday, August 31, 2018

Study visit in Amsterdam for ECPM Member Parties Representatives

On the 31st of August, ECPM’s Director for European Affairs organized a study trip in Amsterdam with Members and representatives of ECPM Member parties from Croatia, Ireland, Latvia, Portugal and Romania. The group first met Jeff Fountain from the Schuman Centre for Contemporary Studies who gave an overview on the impact of Christian Values in Europe and Amsterdam. He also gave participants a tour of Amsterdam that highlighted the Christian heritage and impact in the development of Amsterdam.

Another meeting was with City Counselor Don Ceder who shared with the group the impact Christian values have on his work in the City Counsel of Amsterdam. He raises there the issue of prostitution and human trafficking.

The last visit was to Frits Rouvoet from Bright Fame Foundation who helps prostitutes escape prostitution. A discussion was held on the problems of the Dutch liberal prostitution policies and on how to fight human trafficking and sexual exploitation on policy levels around Europe with representatives of the International Justice Mission (IJM) as well as the Salvation Army in Holland.

After the study visit to Amsterdam, the participants participated next day to a seminar organized by Sallux about the core values of the ECPM.