Strong Families Lead to Strong Countries

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Strong Families Lead to Strong Countries

Together with Julija Stepanenko, President of the Latvian party Suverena Vara (Sovereign Power), we organized a conference on the importance of families and family values for the society.

The purpose of the conference was to educate party members and supporters about family values and to present the newly founded party's position and vision in promoting these values.

Mr Ugis Sprincisa (Chairman of the Entrepreneurs Group) had a presentation about the human life cycle highlighting the importance of family and the main factors which influence a person during his/her life. He spoke about the role the government has throughout the cycle and how it can contribute directly or indirectly to human flourishing. He argued that in the first phase of life (from conception until three years after birth) the role of the government should be indirect and minimal.

Julija Stepanenko, lawyer and former member of the Latvian Parliament, talked about the legal aspect impacting family life. She gave a short history of the laws and regulations which indirectly affect families, emphasising on the need to strengthen families and protect children.

Dāvids Kļaviņš spoke about the importance of harmonious family relations and how to foster those despite individual differences in a family.

Karin Heepen, ECPM vice president and president of BundnisC Germany, brought greetings and encouragement on behalf of ECPM. She spoke about healthy families being a spearhead of our political party, based on the Christian teaching which centers it.

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