News » Statement of ECPM MEPs Škripek and Van Dalen

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Statement of ECPM MEPs Škripek and Van Dalen

The move of the US embassy to Jerusalem is a historical occasion. It is a symbol of recognition of the state of Israel while Israel is celebrating its 70 years of existence as modern state. Furthermore the move demonstrates that Israel can be treated as a normal country that is independent in its international relations.

ECPM MEPs Branislav Škripek and Peter van Dalen both welcome that process as it will contribute to normalised international relations between Israel and the international community. The EU and its Member States should consider the same process of normalisation of diplomatic relations as it will contribute to stability in the Middle East.

Both MEPs regret the violence occurring yesterday and support any effort leading to mutual recognition of each others right to exist in equal human dignity.