Reclaiming Power for the EU Member States

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Reclaiming Power for the EU Member States

Ahead of the European elections we organized an event in Malta regarding the erosion of the sovereignty of EU Member States, in particular in areas like healthcare, education and foreign policy.

The European Union project was meant as an instrument for peace and economic prosperity. But we are witnessing an encroachment into exclusive national competences by the European institutions and agencies. We see how education content, style and format is being dictated from Brussels and from the UN and how uniformity is being pursued. There are louder voices now calling for a European army and for significant investments into defense and security, ever since Russia invaded Ukraine and has been carrying out a war of aggression on its territory. Billions of euros are disbursed to foreign countries and entities as aid, without any input or consultation of the European citizens. The COVID-19 pandemic was the catalyst for the European Commission to gain an even bigger influence over the Member States' national healthcare systems, after it had already pushed some countries to give up their pro-life policies.

The event in Malta explored all these issues and our speakers addressed the various aspects connected to them. MEP Cristian Terheș addressed the guests assembled at ODYCY Hotel in St. Paul's Bay via Zoom and spoke about his efforts to draw attention over these aspects in the European Parliament. He recalled his fight against the COVID-19 health passports and against the travel restrictions brought about with insufficient data to justify them, but causing enormous disruptions to people's lives, to the supply chains and to Europe's economy. It tampered with the right to free movement in the Union guaranteed by the treaties and it exposed people's medical, private data. It sowed division among people and also undermined people's trust in institutions, as his fight to make public the vaccine contracts proved there is conflict of interests and corruption at the highest echelons in Brussels. He spoke about the WHO's push for a Pandemic Treaty, which would further centralize and risk our personal medical data. MEP Terheș provided another example of interference in EU Member States sovereignty by pointing to the upcoming resolution to the European Parliament floor which states that access to abortion is a fundamental right, an immense overstep by the EU institutions. Another instance is the push for digital currency and the digital wallet. He ended his presentation by encouraging people to be alert and to choose wisely in the upcoming elections, to choose patriots who fight to preserve the national sovereignty of European countries.

ECPM President Valeriu Ghilețchi spoke about the origins of our political party and about our profile and current work. He reminded people that the Christian values which guide our activities are at the root of Europe, at the foundation of the EU project. Values like peace, justice, freedom, solidarity are what inspired the founding fathers and are ideas we should continue to be proud to name and promote today. He mentioned briefly EU's interference in education thus undermining the national competences and parents' rights over the material taught to their children. Ghilețchi mentioned the PACE reports he was part of which aimed to protect children and strengthen parental rights.

Ivan Mintoff, our member Abba party's President concluded the conference by speaking about Malta's loss of sovereignty when it comes to foreign policy. He reminded the audience that there are very strong legal protections against this, namely the Maltese Constitution and the article of accession of Malta to the EU. These documents clearly and unambiguously state that Malta is a neutral country actively pursuing peace by maintaining a policy of non-alignment, and that although Malta supports the EU's common foreign policy, it does not prejudice its neutrality. He made clear that Abba fights the federalisation of Europe and its abandonment of pro-life policies.

The event ended with questions from the audience on the revision of treaties, on the future of the EU and on how regular citizens' voices can be heard in Brussels. A lively discussion followed regarding a path forward where power is closer to citizens and the EU goes under serious reform.

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