Niels Geuking succeeds MEP Helmut Geuking in the European Parliament

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Niels Geuking succeeds MEP Helmut Geuking in the European Parliament

In January 2024, MEP Helmut Geuking stepped down from his role in the European Parliament in order to focus his efforts on the European election campaign in Germany.

His son, Niels, will take over until the end of the mandate, in June. Niels Geuking attended the plenary in February in his new capacity and he was formally accepted in the EPP Group today.

Niels is a lawyer and a leader in the Familien Partei Germany, found at position nr. 2 on the voting list for his party.

Having assisted his father in various visits and tasks related to MEP work, and having shared the political journey in the last few years, Niels is ready to fill this temporary role and to represent faithfully his party and constituents in the European Parliament

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