Members of European Parliament greenlight accession talks with Moldova

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Members of European Parliament greenlight accession talks with Moldova

The European Parliament passed a resolution yesterday calling on the European Commission and Council to start accession negotiations with the Republic of Moldova by end of this year, pending the country’s fulfilment of the nine steps outlined by the Commission before. Maia Sandu, Moldova’s President reacted to the news by saying that “this confirms once again that Moldova belongs in the great European family.”

The EU institutions are requiring Moldova to continue and intensify its justice system reforms, to show a track record of convictions in corruption cases, to eliminate oligarchic influence in political and public life, fight organized crime, reform public administration, include civil society in decision-making and strengthen protection of vulnerable groups. The subsequent Commission reports of February 2023 have shown that there is still a long way to go but that things are moving and going in the right direction.

The European Parliament members and the text of the resolution itself also praised Moldova for its leadership during Russia’s aggression war in Ukraine in taking refugees and the wonderful way they showed solidarity. It is essential to note that Moldova’s economy took a severe hit following the war in Ukraine, as the country was relying on Russia for its energy and for the export of some of its products. It is also vulnerable to cyberattacks, disinformation and destabilization. In response, the European Union, through various financial instruments, has been supporting and disbursing more than 1 billion euro to Moldova to help it build its resilience on all fronts.

Our Member of European Parliament, Cristian Terheș said the following after the resolution passed: “The joint resolution regarding the challenges faced by the Republic of Moldova was adopted by a large majority of votes in the European Parliament, which is a clear signal for Moldova that it has support and enjoys great confidence from the MEPs. Everyone is aware that the Republic of Moldova is under threat from Russia, which is why it must be supported to follow its democratic path and the citizens must feel that they are not left alone. We have seen throughout history, unfortunately, and the citizens of the Republic of Moldova have felt it on their own skin, that the model proposed by Russia is nothing but tyranny, poverty, crime, and darkness. The citizens of Moldova deserve to live in a prosperous society, where they can make a future at home, with their families, and this can only be done by making sure Russia take its claws off Moldova.

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