Maltese ECPM Member party presents evidence scandal Schengen & Medical Visa involving office Maltese PM

Monday, June 18, 2018

Maltese ECPM Member party presents evidence scandal Schengen & Medical Visa involving office Maltese PM

Today the party leader of Alleanza Bidla, Mr. Ivan Grech Mintoff, presented evidence to the Maltese courts of a far-reaching scandal involving political appointees — one of whom works in the Maltese Prime Ministers’s office — who allegedly sold illicitly Schengen and medical visas to Libyan citizens. 


The scandal points to a high-level direct involvement in criminal activities such as visa trade and human trafficking. Up to 88.000 Schengen visas and an unknown number of medical visas were allegedly illegally sold for millions of euros without proper checks, in a country where ISIS-terrorists are active. This may have seriously impacted national security across Europe.  


Mr. Ivan Grech Mintoff comments: “The apparent illicit sales of visas by persons close to the Prime Minister calls into question the security of the Schengen system. I hope and pray that no terrorists gained access to the EU with visas issued by Malta. Furthermore, I believe we have a duty to help those children and adults who were in dire need of medical treatment and didn’t get their medical visas because their families couldn’t afford the bribes and as a result were disabled or died."

We, as ECPM, support Mr. Mintoff and Alleanza Bidla in this brave step. We call on the EU institutions to conduct a full investigation into all facts presented today and an immediate assessment if this has been detrimental to European security. Finally, in light of the recent murder of the anti-corruption journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia in Malta, ECPM demands that Maltese authorities guarantee full police protection to Mr Mintoff and his family.


The documentation presented during Mr. Ivan Grech Mintoff's testimony to Maltese courts today can be downloaded from the link below.




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