Interconnecting Politics and Business in Bratislava

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Interconnecting Politics and Business in Bratislava

On 23 and 24 March, ECPM co-organised the Government and Business Leaders Summit in Bratislava. Its aim was to interconnect people who are active in the areas of politics and business on basis of Biblical and practical principles. ECPM President and MEP Branislav Skripek (SK) was co-host together with Libor Michálek (CZ) and Tom Hess (USA). 

Both, politics as well as business, have major impact on the entire society. When the paradigms of cooperation are set well, the country can develop and prosper. But when only the interests and benefits of certain individuals or groups are considered, corruption gets its chance. Branislav Škripek, MEP (OLANO) and the president of European Christian Political Movement (ECPM) says: "We are living in turbulent times. We are building a small piece of our civil history. We commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Candle demonstration when people calmly rose against the communist regime. On the other hand, we can´t forget the murder of journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová. As a journalist, he uncovered bad and unhealthy connections between politicians and so-called businesspeople." People in Slovakia go out to the streets because they want changes in their country to take place. "It will take some time for Slovakia to become a decent country. To reach that one, however, we need some experience how to deal with current problems. I am therefore glad, that renowned businesspeople from abroad can meet here, as well as politicians and can discuss together how to go further," says Branislav Škripek, explaining the essence of the conference.


Corruption and its connection to the government is the main problem of Slovakia. It has impact on all areas of society. Libor Michálek from Czech Republic, a famous fighter against corruption, spoke at the conference too. "I welcome the fact, that 25 years after dissolution of Czechoslovakia, the cooperation of politicians and business people, who mind the prosperity of our nations, is getting deeper gradually. I see this summit as an opportunity for personalities who are value-rooted, able to discuss the vision, to solve constructively all the challenges that Czech Republic and Slovakia are facing, as well as the other states of European union," said Libor Michálek. The program of the two-day conference consists of lectures and workshops, where the attendants can get the knowledge of how to cooperate effectively, decently and without corruption. Libor Michálek, senator - member of Upper Chamber of Czech Parliament continues: "I hope, that we will be able to interconnect honest and responsible politicians and business people and to present alternatives of social development based on the moral, mutual respect and common effort to develop the potential of the nations as much as possible."


Famous Dutch businessman Wouter Droppers represented, besides the others, the business sector. He is the current president of Europartners, a ministry to serve business people and establish business ministries  (CMBC) in every nation in Europe. He has worked on various management positions in the Netherlands for 22 years, where he gained large experience. Therefore, he was the main guest of the business breakfast on Friday.

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