News » European Parliament Resolution on Iraqi minorities

Monday, December 5, 2016

European Parliament Resolution on Iraqi minorities

With strong support of our MEP’s and the CPFE this unique cooperation between these peoples to get a voice in Europe and reclaim their homelands for a common future has continued. A future in which these peoples would be politically empowered and have control over their homelands and security.

The resolution adopted by the European Parliament yesterday afternoon takes this approach to solve the situation of these peoples whose homelands are now liberated from ISIS. The European Parliament adopted this approach with overwhelming majority by asking the EU institutions and Member States to create a new Province in Iraq for Sinjar, Tal Afar and Nineveh Plain and to make sure that the indigenous peoples of these areas will have control over their security. This will give them the certainty that they can return to their homelands.

The ECPM encourages national parliaments to adopt resolutions with the same approach to give EU Member State governments a clear direction on this issue.