ECPM welcomes three new member parties

Friday, April 12, 2024

ECPM welcomes three new member parties

The European Christian Political Movement (ECPM) proudly announces the addition of three new political parties to its ranks, further expanding its representation across Europe. The ECPM warmly welcomes the Jobbik-Conservatives from Hungary and Latvia First from Latvia, as well as the Lithuania Christian Union. In addition to the parties, Branislav Škripek from Slovakia joins ECPM as individual member.

This expansion marks a significant milestone for the ECPM, as it continues to grow its influence and impact in shaping European politics with a steadfast commitment to Christian values and principles.

Jobbik-Conservatives (Jobbik – Konzervatívok) bring a strong conservative voice from Hungary, advocating for Christian ethics, social principles, and a democratic and stable government. They are staunch opponents to the authoritarian Fidesz regime and fight its corruption and hypocrisy. Member of the European Parliament and president of Jobbik-Conservatives- Márton Gyöngyösi- has been an individual member of ECPM since September 2023. The fruitful partnership with Mr. Gyöngyösi has been of great value, leading to the ascension of his party to ECPM membership. Jobbik-Conservatives’ list for the European elections is headed by the well-known and respected professor Péter Róna, economist and university lecturer, fellow of the Blackfriars Hall of the University of Oxford.

Latvia First (Latvija pirmajā vietā) is the second party accepted as member by the ECPM board today. The party is led by chairman Ainārs Šlesers, former Deputy Prime Minister of Latvia, Minister of Transport and Minister for the Economy. The party promotes Christian and family values and fights for the prosperity of Latvia. Latvia First is a big proponent of entrepreneurship seeking to simplify rules for businesses and promote economic investment. They strongly advocate for the protection of the unborn, the strengthening of the natural family, and the preservation of cultural heritage. Lead candidate for the European election is former Prime Minister Vilis Krištopans.

In a previous board meeting, the Christian Union from Lithuania was accepted as member. The party was founded in 2020 by former Members of Parliament Rimantas Dagys and Egidijus Vareikis (also former PACE member) and is strong in defending the natural family and family rights in Lithuania. It is the second member party ECPM has in Lithuania, further solidifying our presence in the Baltic country.

Branislav Škripek is a Slovakian politician and former member of the European Parliament. He and ECPM share a long history in which he served a mandate as President of the European Christian Political Movement.

In addition to these two parties and Mr. Škripek becoming members, Alternativa Democratica Nacional (ADN) from Portugal has become candidate party and we are planning an event together in Lisbon on 18th May.

The joining of these parties to the ECPM underscores the organization's dedication to fostering collaboration and solidarity among like-minded political entities across Europe. Together, they will work towards advancing common goals, such as promoting human dignity, safeguarding religious freedom, and advocating for the protection of life from conception to natural death.

ECPM President Valeriu Ghilețchi expressed enthusiasm for the increased diversity and strength it brings to the party. "The addition of these two parties reaffirms our shared commitment to upholding the values that unite us as European Christians," he stated. "We look forward to working closely with our new member parties and to campaigning together for the elections to the European Parliament on June 6-9."

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