ECPM organizes conference about role minorities with member party UDSCR and ECR

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

ECPM organizes conference about role minorities with member party UDSCR and ECR

Together with the ECR in the European Committee of Regions and the Democratic Union of Slovaks and Czechs in Romania, the ECPM organized a conference about the role of minorities and the European Year of Cultural Heritage, Thursday 6th of December. The ECPM strongly believes that Europe’s richness lies in its cultural diversity.  

The very reason why the ECPM organises events like this, is to emphasize the uniqueness of numerous minorities and their added value in their countries and throughout Europe. The celebration of the European year of cultural heritage offers the opportunity to discuss more in depth about the role minorities in their countries to preserve peace and stability. Furthermore it shows how their cultural traditions can be preserved and the role of the EU in this. In the discussion we focused on the connection between minorities with their countries of origin and about relations with the same minorities in other EU countries or with other minorities in the same country.

As ECPM we do not believe that a society is based on individualism, but a society that is based on communities. The Democratic Union of Slovaks and Czechs in Romania (UDSCR) show how community and church play an important role in maintaining their identity.

The event in the Committee of Regions, was opened by Rob Jonkman (President of the ECR in the Committee of Regions) and Adrian Merka (President of the UDSCR), followed by a traditional dance performance by the Slovaks in Romania.

Besides Rob Jonkman and Adrian Merka , ECPM President Branislav Škripek (MEP, SK) was speaking in the panel as well. The meeting was moderated by Leo van Doesburg, ECPM’s Director of European Affairs. After the discussion there was a cocktail with traditional Slovakian food.

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