ECPM member (and former MEP)- Anna Záborská- is appointed special representative for religious freedom

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

ECPM member (and former MEP)- Anna Záborská- is appointed special representative for religious freedom

The Slovak government appointed former MEP Anna Záborská as special ambassador for the protection of religious freedom and freedom of conscience.

In response to the news of the appointment, Mrs. Záborská stated:

′′It is our duty to help people persecuted for faith or beliefs regardless of who they are or where they are.

When freedom of religion is trampled on, we can't be quiet, wherever it happens in the world. Democracy and solidarity are crucial in solving this fundamental problem. Those who persecute people because of their beliefs and religious beliefs are enemies of freedom. Regardless of whether the ones persecuted are Christians, Jews, Muslims, Mormons or atheists.

It's important not to be quiet. We were challenged by several representatives of Christian churches from the Middle East. They said they were ignored first and it was pretended Christians were not present in these countries. But then they started being killed. Slovakia wasn't silent then, but I'm convinced we need to speak even louder and intensify specific help. As a representative of the Government of the Slovak Republic for religious freedom and freedom of conviction, I will not be quiet. I will do everything I can to make our country the leading protector of freedom of faith and belief in the world."


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