ECPM finalizes its EU election manifesto

Friday, December 8, 2023

ECPM finalizes its EU election manifesto

ECPM members gathered on 6-7 December in Brussels to discuss and decide the spearheads informing our European election campaign. It was a rich and intense time exchanging views and experiences shaped by our national contexts and the priorities for our voters.

On December 6, our session in the European Parliament was attended by our MEPs, board, staff, Advisory Council and members from France, Spain, Romania, Germany, Latvia, Malta, Sweden, Lithuania, Ireland, Hungary, Poland and The Netherlands. After a word of welcome from President Ghiletchi and an introduction of each member by General Director Maarten van de Fliert, we approved a change in our party statutes to align ourselves to the rules for European parties, followed by announcing the new members who joined our party since our last GA in June. It is always encouraging to see how our party grows from one season to the next.

The rest of time on Dec. 6, as well as the session on Dec. 7 at the Thon Hotel, was taken up by the review of the political program. We collected members' input and comments since the beginning of 2023 and during this extraordinary session, we went over the amendments submitted by some of the members. We kept our seven already known spearheads, but we updated and refined the content and our positions. This document will serve as the ECPM's European election manifesto; we are very proud to be able to bring our voters' voices to the forefront and to represent the Christian values which are at the root of the European project.

You can find the ECPM's political program here.


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