Conservative Summit

Monday, September 19, 2022

Conservative Summit

In the context of the discussion on the Future of Europe and possible changes to the EU treaties, Slovakian NGOs hosted the second Conservative Summit where political scientists, members of Parliament and leaders of governments from the Visegrad 4 (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary) have gathered to discuss and reflect on the role and space of Conservative values in national and European politics.

It was acknowledged that the Conservative world in central-Eastern Europe is divided and fragmented and the speakers unanimously called for a greater synchronization and unity on the values and ideas we all have in common. They have also drawn attention to the dangers of globalism, loss of national sovereignty and identity, the threat to freedom of speech and to the right to belief and worship.

Throughout the day, there were three main panels and various side workshops focusing on: the future of the EU, family policies and economic/ demographic challenges in Europe, and the youth's view and part in conservative politics.

The main goal of the summit was to connect the conservative leaders from the V4 countries and strengthen their relationships and to create a platform of cooperation for promoting the Christian and conservative values in national and European forums.


  • Eduard Heger- Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic

  • Mateusz Morawiecki- Prime Minister of Poland

  • Judit Varga- Minister of Justice, Hungary

  • Boris Kollar- Speaker of the Slovak Parliament

  • Viliam Karas- Minister of Justice, Slovakia

  • Milan Krajniak- Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic

  • Anna Záborská- MP Slovakia, special representative of the government of the Slovak Republic for the protection of freedom of religion or belief

  • Piotr Babinetz- MP Poland

  • Miriam Lexmann- MEP, foreign policy expert

  • Marek Cichocki- Polish professor at Collegium Civitas, editor-in-chief of Teologia Polityczna, leading expert on Central Europe's relations with Germany and Russia

  • Balázs Orbán- political scientist and head adviser to the Prime Minister of Hungary

  • Peter Drulák- professor of international relations, former deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and former ambassador to France

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