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Friday, July 26, 2019

Christian Values in Democratic Governance

 25-27 July 2019

ECPM together with the VOE foundation of the SGP Party and the AIC (Academy for Integrity in Leadership) organised a three-day summer school in Vadul lui Vodă, Moldova. The purpose of the event was to provide advice and knowledge on public policy theories, concepts and methodologies and to train young Christian leaders to apply the Judeo-Christian moral tradition to critical issues of public policy. The Summer School offered its participants diverse approaches, research methods, case studies, a round table and working group sessions.

Some of the lecturers were also part of the organisational team: Stanislav Ghileţchi, Eugen Ghileţchi, former MP Valeriu Ghileţchi and Dumitru Malic. External speakers were senator Titus Corlăţeanu (RO), Adrian Otte, representing the VOE foundation and Maria van Oost from ECPM.

While the local speakers concentrated more on local problems and solutions, the international speakers referred to the European context, in light of Moldova's accession process to the EU. Ethical issues as well as political, cultural and economic changes that Moldova has to implement before and after joining the EU were openly and broadly discussed.

See photos of the event here.