Campaign Launch of the ECPM

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Campaign Launch of the ECPM

On the 20th of February, the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM) launched its campaign for the European elections. The ECPM is the only European political party with an explicit Christian profile. It presently has 18 member parties40 individual members (national and regional parliament members) and 30 associated organizations across Europe. To contribute to the well-being of the people in Europe, the ECPM unites parties and politicians around Christian values to generate political solutions to EU’s key problems.  


At the opening of the event, ECPM President and current MEP Branislav Škripek (Slovakia) stated: “The original vision of the Christian founding fathers of the European project seems to have been forgotten. ECPM wishes to reapply the vision of the founders for the challenges of today’s Europe. We, in ECPM,  believe that the flourishing and developing of each human individual, created in the image of God, and the institution of the family based on marriage with openness to the formation of new generations, should be the ultimate goal of all policy. As ECPM, our core values are our strength: together we hope for and feel the responsibility to work towards a Europe in which life is valued and societies are fruitful so that it might be blessed with peace and stability for the generations to come.”  


The campaign slogan was presented: Strong Values, Strong Nations, Strong Europe. ECPM Vice-President George Rukhadze said: "The EU needs to be reformed in order to bring it back in line with its Christian roots. Too much power has been taken by the EU, we need Strong Values for Strong Nations for a Strong Europe". Moreover, our manifesto for the European elections was introduced. It includes priorities for the future MEPs who will represent ECPM in the next European Parliament: 

  • A Europe of Human Dignity; 
  • An Economy that Works for People and Planet; 
  • Healthy Families and Healthy Marriages; 
  • Freedom, Security and Stability; 
  • Fighting Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking; 
  • Reforming the European Union; 
  • Preserving the Christian Culture and Heritage; 


Several MEPs and candidates participated in a discussion on the manifestoMarek Jurek (Poland), Peter van Dalen and Bert Jan Ruissen (Netherlands), Arne Gericke (Germany), Jean-Frédéric Poisson (France), Ladislav Ilcic (Croatia), Gonçalo Maria Pacheco de Camara Pereira (Portugal), Rebecca Dalli Gonzi (Malta) and other prominent candidates 




Statements from participants: 

MEP Arne Gericke (Germany) 

"Politics should be "Family First!" We have a lot of possibilities to support structures that support families. Also we need to support the development of family business, as "honorable servants" .


MEP Marek Jurek (Poland) 

"The EU is about mutual relationships in the fields of cooperation and security, for example, but should also respect the sovereignty of the countries on other issues like family. For me, family is everything and it is where values are transferred to the next generation. We won't build a good Europe for our nations without promoting and respecting fundamental ethical principles and natural values. To ensure their inheritance we need a strong and active Christian opinion. That is our work." 


MEP Peter van Dalen (The Netherlands) 

"Collaboration Yes, Superstate No! We need to strengthen a number of collaborations on security and sustainable energy for example, but wanting to have a European army is a bad idea. When you believe in European politics with an open Bible, just vote for Christian politicians into the EP. Come over and support us." 


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