News » Brainstorming Meeting on Reintegration Strategy for Human Trafficking Survivors

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Brainstorming Meeting on Reintegration Strategy for Human Trafficking Survivors

The ECPM Director for European Affairs, Leo van Doesburg, together with Frits Rouvoet (Bright Fame) and Aurora Martin (Romanian National Agency of Equal Chances) have organized a meeting whose purpose was coming up with ways to link hands and join efforts to aid survivors of trafficking or abuse in getting their lives back on track.

The meeting took place in Bucharest, at the Sustainability Embassy and counted almost twenty participants from various organizations who are active in the fight against modern slavery directly or indirectly.

Aurora Martin presented her special project, the Mobile Museum of Modern Slavery, and spoke about education and raising awareness which in turn contribute to the prevention of this phenomena.

Sabine Kallauch (Kavod) then spoke about the outcomes of an extensive research done on policies regarding prostitution and combating human trafficking.

The next speaker was Frits Rouvoet from Bright Fame who talked about the work his organization does in the Red Light Districts and the Dutch exit program.

Three brainstorming sessions followed which explored answers and solutions to three issues: the problems Romania faces in general on the issue of THB and the organizations present in particular, the possible solutions and the political changes (policy proposals) we want to see happening. It was a very interactive meeting and many original ideas surfaced with specific action points drafted for follow up.