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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Board Member Vacancy

The European Christian Political Movement (ECPM) is the only European political party that is explicitly Christian. Unlike other European parties, the ECPM focuses on the human being in its relationship to God, other people and the creation. We see this relational thinking as the heart of Christian-democracy. More information about ECPM can be found at:

ECPM is looking for a new Board Member to represent its organization. The ECPM Board is the core of our organization. Board members represent the party in meetings, media and in legal matters whenever the President is unavailable. Furthermore, the ECPM Board is the supreme body of the organization and makes decisions by majority vote. Board members can only be appointed (or dismissed) by the General Assembly of ECPM.

The day-to-day affairs of ECPM are delegated to the General Director and the function of Board Member is part-time and unpaid.

ECPM members and associates are invited to put forward candidates for this vacancy. The deadline for applications is Monday 25 May 2020 at 12.00 pm CET.

ECPM looks for a Board Member who meets the following criteria:

The candidate must:

  • Be a member of ECPM or officially supported by an ECPM member or associate

  • Have a clear Christian-democratic profile

  • Have (or had) a relevant political position

  • Be able to read and speak English well

  • Be able to meet at least 4 times per year

  • Be an active Christian believer and represent ECPM values in political style and lifestyle

Other preferred characteristics:

·         Candidate has been active in ECPM for at least one year, preferably more.

·         Candidate is representing a party that has representation at the national and/or European level

·         Candidate has time to visit members/associates on behalf of ECPM at least twice per year.

A selection committee has been appointed by the ECPM Board in February 2020. The committee consists of: David Fieldsend (President Sallux, ECPM foundation), Heiner Studer (President Advisory Council ECPM), and Stieneke van der Graaf (Board member ECPM). The committee is assisted by a secretary: Auke Minnema (General Director ECPM).

Board composition

Apart from personal characteristics and the above criteria, the committee will also consider the overall composition of the ECPM board. This means that the selection committee will consider geographical balance, diversity in denominational background, gender balance, and diversity in professional background. Furthermore, the committee aims to have a maximum of one Board Member per ECPM member or associate. The ECPM board will consist of not more than seven members.

Please send your application before Monday 25 May 2020 at 12.00 pm CET to Complete applications require the following: motivation letter, CV, and official support of at least one ECPM member or associate. The committee has the right to disregard any incomplete application.