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How to be involved

There are many ways through which you can be involved in the ECPM work. Firstly, you can subscribe to our newsletter which will put you up to date with all our activities and the most important political issues playing in Europe at the moment. Further, you can participate in our conferences where you can listen to prominent speakers and take part in political discussions that interest you. Whether a regular citizen, a successful politician, a political party or organization, you can join the ECPM movement and let your voice be heard in Europe.

Joining the ECPM movement can happen in several ways:

Become a friend of ECPM. This is for anybody interested in Christian politics and especially ECPM.

Become an individual member. For Members of Parliament in EU Member states.

Become a party member. For political parties.

Become an associate organization. For political organizations.

If you are interested in the ECPM and its activities you can contact our secretariat. You are most welcome! Click here for more info about joining the ECPM.