Fighting Modern Slavery

Fighting Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery is an ultimate de-humanizing act that reduces people to trading objects. It distorts relationships and severely hurts people, making it a difficult process to re-establish new healthy relationships. Most of the victims are used for forced labour or human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Since human trafficking is a cross-border crime, combating it requires international cooperation. ECPM strongly favours the Nordic model approach to combating this crime, which focuses on criminalizing the client and the trafficker. 

Trafficking for labour exploitation also continues to be on the rise. The ECPM believes an effective way of addressing this issue is to aim efforts for combating this crime at all levels of the supply chain, with a focus on those sectors which have a high risk of exploitation (e.g. textile, agriculture, tourism). 

The ECPM supports EU efforts to ensure adequate national implementation of the 2011 Directive on combating human trafficking.

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