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Cultural Heritage and EU Support

When: Thursday, December 6, 2018 14:30 - Thursday, December 6, 2018 16:30
Where: European Committee of the Regions Batiment Jacques Delors, Belliardstraat 99-101, 1040 Brussel


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Cultural Heritage and EU Support

On the 6th of December, ECPM will organize, in collaboration with European Conservatives and Reformists Group in the Committee of Regions and the Democratic Union of Slovaks and Czechs in Romania, a roundtable with the title “The role of minorities in the EU and the European Year of Cultural Heritage”. This panel discussion. will look at the multi-faceted nature of cultural heritage as a shared resource for Europe and the role that intercultural dialogue can play in the respect of minorities. We believe that cultural heritage is a vital resource for Europe. It helps us enhance social cohesion and foster economic growth. Local and regional authorities, because of their proximity to citizens and different cultural groups, are ideally positioned to address their needs. Additionally, local and regional authorities play a key role in the promotion of the cultural life of their communities.

Among the speakers will be Rob Jonkman, President ECR Group in the Committee of Regions, Branislav Skripek President of ECPM and Adrian Merka, President of the Democratic Union of Slovaks and Czechs in Romania. National parliamentarians, members of local and regional authorities as well as representatives of the European Commission have also been invited.