Events » Supporting Mothers- The Way to Protect the Unborn
Supporting Mothers- The Way to Protect the Unborn

When: Thursday, September 10, 2020 00:00 -

The legislative initiative aims to diminish the number of abortions taking place in Slovakia every year for reasons like financial instability, lack of education or lack of access to proper medical information. The law proposal seeks to provide support to pregnant women in a crisis in various ways.

The roundtable discussion organized by KU featured experts in the fields of gynecology, politics, psychology and education:

Dr. Anna Záborská, MD- member of the Slovak National Council

Zuzana Kiňová Stohlová, PhD. director of ALEXIS, counseling organization for pregnant women in Slovakia

Dr. Monika Geletová- National Centre of Medical Information

Dr.Dr. Ivan Wallenfels, MD- Gynecologist

Michal Považan, PhD.- political scientist

The offline audience was mainly comprised of members of Slovak Parliament and their assistants. The event was open to the general public online, you can view it here.

The goal of the event was two-fold: to provide and equip MPs and their assistants/ policy advisors with accurate and solid medical information that is the basis of the new law proposal. And secondly, to inform and broaden the national public debate in Slovakia on the situation of pregnant women in crisis. The discussions focused on the medical and psychological aspects of a pregnancy termination, as well as on the economical and social benefits this new law is offering to help women by giving them every opportunity to choose life.