Events » Political Training Programme 2019
Political Training Programme 2019

When: Friday, December 13, 2019 00:00 - Saturday, December 14, 2019 00:00
Where: Moldova

The Academy for Integrity in Leadership (AIC) is holding its second edition of the Political Training Programme (PTP) 2019. The PTP 2019 series of trainings takes place until December 2019 in 8 different cities around the country. Also in December 2019, a final conference will be organized in Chisinau. 

The main objective of the PTP is to contribute to creation of a network among Evangelical Christians to amplify their impact capacities and to offer trainings for Evangelical Christians (with a particular focus on youth) regarding the need to be involved in the public arena at the national or local level.

The goals of the PTP will build on the larger scope of the AIC, namely: equipping young Christians with the tools for becoming an effective voice positively impacting the society. The programme will also be intended to prepare recently elected Christians to address issues faced by communities, and to train young people to monitor the activity of newly elected officials.

The following topics are expected to be covered during the trainings: European Policy Making, Common knowledge and Game Theory, Social and Civic responsibility, How to disagree well and Political Activism  

After the conclusion of 8 PTP sessions around the country, a final conference will be organised in Chisinau that is expected to re-unit participants from all locations. The conference will feature high level officials and prominent Christians. A visit to the Parliament will be set up for participants.