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Political Seminars Series

When: Friday, April 12, 2019 18:00 - Thursday, May 23, 2019 21:00
Where: Croatia

Together with our member party -Hrast- from Croatia, we organized a series of conferences and seminars in ten different cities in a span of 45 days. There was a lot of effort put into advertising the events through social media and other online outlets. We had a great turnout each time, people interested to find out more about ECPM and our work at the European level.

There was a mix of speakers, local as well as representatives of ECPM, Sallux and ECPYouth:

  • Ladislav Ilčić, ECPM board member

  • Ruža Tomašić, MEP

  • Hrvoje Zekanović, Croatian MP

  • Michael Schluter, Sallux

  • Floris Wagennar, ECPYouth and others.

The people present could hear in depth presentations about ECPM’s vision and mission and a whole host of ideas on how to use a Christian approach in politics. Topics like a sustainable and relational economy, migration, the importance of family and freedom of religion and belief were particularly interesting to the audience. Those present enthusiastically participated in the discussions, asked pertinent questions and picked up the ECPM promotion materials made available to them at each of the events. We were encouraged and remain hopeful that ECPM represents a strong and healthy alternative to the mainstream traditional politics in Europe.