Events » Georgia Security Conference
Georgia Security Conference

When: Monday, May 17, 2021 10:00 -
Where: Tbilisi, Georgia

The decline in the stability and security of the Eastern Partnership region (Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan) raised concerns in NATO and in the European Council.

The two- day conference organized by the Christian Democratic People's Party- CDPP aimed to gather experts from the defense and security community in the region to discuss Russia's expansionist policies in Ukraine and Georgia, as well as a new defense and security architecture in the wake of the Armenia- Azerbaijan conflict.

On the first day, the various speakers focused on presenting analysis of the current developments in Eastern Ukraine (where Russia continues to have an increased military presence), of Russia's continued aggressive land grab policy in Georgia's occupied territories and of the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh after the peace deal was reached.

The second day was dedicated to discussing the EU's Common Security and Defense Policy in the face of regional challenges and its effectiveness. Speakers also focused on EU's response to Russia's expansion in the area and on NATO's response and policy towards aspiring members to the Alliance (Georgia and Ukraine).


Giorgi Rukhadze, CDPP Chairman, former ECPM Vice-President

Levan Pipia, Deputy Minister for Defense

Levan Karteli, Head of EaP Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

Nodar Kharshiladze, Founder, Georgian Strategic Analysis Centre

Anna Digmelashvili, Deputy Director, Georgia NATO Centre

Nona Mchedlishvili, Leading Specialist, Ministry of Reintegration of Georgia

Albert Symonyan, Councilor, Armenian Embassy to Georgia

Giorgi Kashia, Head of Caucasus Department, Ministry of Defense

Zurab Agladze, Head of Department of Defense, Georgian Strategic Analysis

Khatuna Lagazidze, Director of EU Centre

Lasha Dzebisashvili, Dean on EU Department. University of Georgia

Karlo Kaladze, Deputy Rector, Defense Academy of Georgia