Events » F+EU18 - European Catholic Youth Forum for Social Engagement
F+EU18 - European Catholic Youth Forum for Social Engagement

When: Wednesday, March 7, 2018 13:30 - Friday, March 9, 2018 11:00
Where: European Parliament, Brussels

From 7 to 9 March 2018, ECPM together with Forum Plus International Institute and other partners are organizing a three-day event to:  


-       Support young people in discovering their dignity and vocations

-       Encourage young scholars to be initiators of positive changes according to Christian values

-       Support young adults in developing their own individual skills and learning how to solve actual problems in their local and national surroundings

-       Provide the youth with diverse guidance and knowledge on how to actively participate in building a better society of responsible individuals

-      Connect young people and actualize the collaborations and projects by networking with similar organizations on a local, national and an international level


For more information please visit the website F +EU2018


 WEDNESDAY 7th March

ID DAY - Personal Development and Cultural Identity

13:30 - Parliament tour - Visitors program (Only groups who are under MEP’s visitor program)

14:30 - Lunch (Only groups who are under MEP’s visitor program)

16:00 - Opening ceremony

16:10 - True Leadership – Marijana Petir (Croatia), MEP

16:30 - National Identity in Global Context – Andrzej Grzyb (Poland), MEP

16:50 - Forum

17:30 - European Identity and Christianity – msgr. Želimir Puljić (Croatia)

17:50 - Pause

18:00 – Panel: European Identity in Temporary Culture and Education – Pavel Svoboda (Czech Republic), Michaela Šojdrová (Czech Republic) & Ádám Kósa (Hungary)

18:45 - Forum

20:00 - Dinner

21:00 - Entertainment: Leadership Movie Night & Karaoke

THURSDAY 8th March

DOCAT DAY - Social Teaching

09:00 - Docat Story – Christian Lermer (Germany)

09:30-10:30 - Docat workshop – Youcat team

11:00 - Social Teaching and Young People – Sophia Kuby (Germany)

11:30 - Talent and Responsibility – Ivona Zgrabljić (Croatia)

11:50 Forum

13:00 - Parlamentarium Interactive Museum

14:30 - Lunch & Brussel’s city tour

17:00 - Sustainable Development: Young People and Work – Marek Plura (Poland)

17:20 - Pause

17:30 - Leo van Doesburg (Netherlands)

17:50 - Forum

18:30 – Panel : Family in a Contemporary European Context – Antoine Mellado (Spain), Adina Portaru (Netherlands), Nicola Speranza (Italy) and MEPs

19:15 - Forum

20:00 - Dinner

21:00 - Holy Mass, La Viale-Europe – msgr. Želimir Puljić (Croatia)

21:45 - Night of prayer, La Viale-Europe – Rev Damir Stojić (Croatia/Canada)

FRIDAY 9th March

PROJECT DAY - Presentation of the Successful Youth Projects

09:00 - 11:00 - Networking : Youth Projects and Foundations Expo

• Youdepro - Johann Rhee, Youcat Foundation (Germany)

• Personal Project - Karel Philps, IFFD Foundation (Belgium)

• Jesuit European Socian Centre - Fr Peter Rožič (Belgium)

• Forum+ Academy - Matej Pavić (Croatia)

• Catholic Voice - James Newman (England)

• World Youth Day - Bertalan Kiss, Juventutem (Hungary)

• Magis - Catholic Youth Summer Camps (Croatia)

• ECPM Youth (Belgium)

• World Youth Alliance - Hrvoje Vargić, WYA Europe (Croatia)

• Konrad Adenauer Foundation - Maria Christian and Johanna Fleger (Germany)

• Rhema Foundation - Ivić Pašalić (Croatia)

• Aid to the Church in Need - Uma Wijnants (Belgium)

11:00 - Closing ceremony & certification award

Antoine Mellado

World Youth Alliance


Marijana Petir

Member of the European Parliament


Christian Lermer

Youcat Foundation


Karel Phlips

International Federation for Family Development


James Newman

Catholic Voice

United Kingdom

Marek Plura

Member of the European Parliament


Hrvoje Vargić

World Youth Alliance


Želimir Puljić,

President of The Croatian Bishops Conference


Pavel Svoboda

Member of the European Parliament

Czech Republic

Bertalan Kiss



Damir Stojić,

Student Chaplain


Ádám Kósa

Member of the European Parliament


Peter Rožič

Jesuit European Social Centre


Uma Wijnants

Aid to the Church in Need


Maria Christian

Konrad Adenauer Foundation


Johanna Fleger

Konrad Adenauer Foundation


Leo Van Doesburg



Adina Portaru

ADF International


Andrzej Grzyb

Member of the European Parliament


Johann Rhee

Youcat Foundation


Michaela Šojdrová

Member of the European Parliament

Czech Republic

Sophia Kuby

ADF International


Nicola Speranza

Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe


Ivić Pašalić

Rhema Foundation