Events » European Neighborhood Policy and Democracy in Belarus
European Neighborhood Policy and Democracy in Belarus

When: Friday, December 18, 2020 00:00 - Sunday, December 20, 2020 00:00
Where: Poland

We partnered with SGP Netherlands and BCD (Belarus Christian-Democratic Party) Belarus for a two-day conference where we discussed the fraudulent elections results in Belarus this summer and the continuous opposition protests that followed it. The speakers focused on the EU neighborhood policy in Belarus and its shortcomings. The turmoil this year exposed the vulnerabilities in the democratic processes in Belarus; the speakers as well as the audience have discussed the role the EU can play in it. Representatives of non-profit organizations have spoken also about Belarussian victims of government actions, arrested protestors and political prisoners and ways they can be helped with legal assistance or in other practical ways.


Olga Lisitsa, activist, leader of protests in Lida, member of UPB

Anatoly Shirvel, journalist/ blogger, Minsk, Belarus

Valery Matskevich, spokesperson for Belarus presidential candidate Valeriy Tsepkalo

Irena Anosova, Director of Help Me Wroclaw, Poland

Dr. Alexander Milinkevich, Chancellor of the Belarusian Free University

Henri Kronneman, SGP (Reformed Dutch Party) Netherlands