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European Advocacy Academy

When: Wednesday, April 5, 2017 15:00 - Saturday, April 8, 2017 13:00
Where: Brussels, Belgium

The European Advocacy Academy (EAA) is a semi-annual, international, political training event. It helps relevant stakeholders learn about and better understand the European dimensions of developments in the areas of freedom, family, and life. Each EAA programme will have a specific focus such as communications, the functioning of the EU, policymaking, etc. The EAA is the only programme of its kind, providing both substantive formation on critical issues and practical training to help leaders develop the skills needed to increase their influence.

EAA 5-8 April 2017. Focus on Communication

The April 2017 EAA will focus on developing key messages on the topics of human dignity, marriage, and the gender agenda. Civil society leaders who advocate for the family and life are often not fully equipped to effectively communicate on these matters. They need to acquire the knowledge and the tools needed to increase the effectiveness of their message in order to build support, and have a real impact in the public debate and policymaking. They also need to become part of an international network that transcends country borders.



The European Advocacy Academy (EAA), a semi-annual, international, political training event organized by European Dignity Watch and sponsored by ECPM took place in Brussels between 5-8 April 2017. Attended by 24 participants from 13 different countries, it focused on developing key messages on the topics of human dignity, sanctity of life, marriage, and the gender agenda. The academy was also attended by ECPM’s General Director, Guido van Beusekom who shared a message at the opening reception and the Director for European Affairs, Leo van Doesburg who presented the work of ECPM in Brussels and gave to participants valuable insights of various projects relating to human dignity and the protection of family.