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Economics, Diplomacy & Integrity Forum

When: Thursday, June 24, 2021 09:00 - Wednesday, June 30, 2021 19:00
Where: Crkvenica, Croatia

Join other young leaders and entrepreneurs from over 17 countries in the beautiful town of Crkvenica, Croatia to learn how to apply biblical principles to your professional and personal life.

Over the course of one week, participants from the Balkans and beyond, will engage in workshops, small groups, lectures and fun social activities.  All EDI programs are designed to develop an understanding of politics, economics and business with integrity and explain how to live out the principles of Jesus, develop vision for change and create strong bonds of life-long friendships. More information about the schedule and speakers is found below.

If interested, register here quickly, spaces are limited!

If you would like to help sponsor a participant, the cost of food and accommodation for one participant for one day is 35 euros, however gifts of any size are welcome and appreciated! You can donate online here.

Economics, Diplomacy and Integrity (EDI) is an initiative designed to support the development of professionals and students in the areas of economics, business and politics with integrity based on the life and teachings of Jesus. We believe that the best way to fight against unhealthy rivalry among and within nations is to establish an Economics, and political community based on Jesus’s life and principles. 

Principles like integrity, moral leadership, service to the community, a focus on the poorest and their needs, faith, and transparency can help combat corruption, selfishness, hopelessness, debilitating unemployment, and abject poverty. Our hope is that when these experiences and principles are applied, they will end up changing and developing the region, not just in terms of economics, growth, but through the creation of a community of leaders committed to good economics and politics and most importantly, to each other.

By taking part in EDI with a number of others from several countries you will undertake an intensive and inspiring journey that will enrich you emotionally, intellectually, relationally and spiritually, and motivate you to make a difference in your country and community. 

Throughout these eight days you will engage in activities that will combine both theory and practice. Prominent speakers will lecture to you from fields related to economics, diplomacy and integrity.

In discussions you will synthesize these lectures with the help of the speakers and discuss them amongst your peers. In workshops you will apply principles to practical activities such as actualizing your business or political ideas, business plan writing, formation of political ideas and initiatives, etc. Additionally, teachers and other mentors will encourage you in your personal development and your visions for change. Combined with the academic element will be times of relaxation which will include a trip to the Adriatic Sea, music, sports, recreation, and much more.

EDI Croatia is part of the general EDI gatherings and a now widening movement for change. EDI has been in existence for over 16 years now, beginning as a seven day to two week forum for young leaders in Fuzine, Croatia (now in Crikvenica). Starting six years ago EDI has initiated weekend events on an annual basis for professionals and students in the area of business, politics, these have occurred in Romania, Albania, Serbia, Costa Rica, Israel and the US. Over 900 participants have now attended one of these gatherings over the years.  We hope that you will want to join them!

EDI is planning on having the following speakers:[1]

·  Momir Blazek, is the CEO, Art Director of MI Design, a graphic design business in Croatia.  He has produced advertisements for various businesses, book covers, posters, web pages and magazines.

·  Mihaela Kovacs, Roma coordinator for Sigisoara. President of Baracca – a non-profit dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence and the Roma people.

·  Dr. Justin Kagin, Founder and director of EDI.  Founder and CEO of Kagin’s Consulting, a consulting firm helping to alleviate poverty worldwide partnering with UNFAO, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UN WFP, UNICEF, the World Bank, governments and NGOs worldwide.  PhD in agriculture and resource economics at the University of California at Davis.  

·  Dr. Josip Lučev holds a PhD degree in Political Science from the Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb. and an M.A. degree in Social Policy from the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb. He delivered lectures as an external associate in courses on “Political Economy“, “Global and Comparative Political Economy“ and “Development Policies“ at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. Since 2015 he works at Dag Hammarskjöld University College of International Relations and Diplomacy.

·  Robert Maričak, business investor and executives' consultant
Former owner of more than 10 companies in 5 countries. One of the companies, run by Robert were in top 1% most profitable for 4 years in Croatia. The company designed, created, and sold high-tech laser printers and utilized Croatian engineers to do so.
  Hobby is teaching from the Word of God.  He has a wife, Carmela, son, Noah, and daughter Victoria.

·  Dr. Aurora Martin, Academic Lecturer and Researcher in International Relations, Gender Studies, Italian language, culture and politics (Faculty of Political Science, University of Bucharest), Senior Advisor within the Government (National Agency for Equal Opportunities, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs) and the Parliament of Romania on gender and antidiscrimination policies, Trainer of trainers in the public sector.

·  Dr. Noemi Mena Montes.  Spanish journalist with a PhD in Political Communication. She is a media lecturer-researcher, a consultant on political communication and expert on immigration.  In the past, Noemi Mena has been working as a radio journalist, freelance correspondent and researcher in the Middle East.  She has had several research grants for international projects and won an award for migration studies in Spain. 

·  Rodoljub Orescanin, Founder and president of the association Biznisnova, seeking to improve business and investment in Serbia, and Linking Partners, serving the Roma people.

·  Mihajlo Trajkoski, Project manager at the NGO LinkAcross, managing a project that provides executive business coaching to SMEs.  Bachler’s degree in Marketing from the Faculty of Economics, University of Skopje, Macedonia.

·  Tihomir Kukolja, was born in Pozega, Croatia. He studied, lived and worked in Croatia, United Kingdom, Australia, and the US. He was educated in theology, communications, and radio journalism, and worked as a church pastor, media professional, radio producer and presenter, journalist, humanitarian, and religious liberty activist. For many years (2001-2019) he served as the director of the Renewing Our Minds (ROM) leadership and reconciliation ministry. Recently Tihomir founded a new leadership initiative, Leadership Focus International (Focus) of which he is also the director.

The total participation cost of €700 includes all program expenses, study and leisure trips in Croatia, and full board.  Traveling expenses to and from Crkvenica are not included.  Some partial scholarships are available for those from developing countries in case you are unable to pay the seminar expenses in full.  If you need a scholarship, please fill in the part of the application form that addresses the scholarship questions as well.  A partial scholarship enables you to pay the discounted rate of €180.

[1] Sometimes speakers cannot attend due to various circumstances beyond our or their control, EDI cannot guarantee their attendance.