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Economic Diplomacy and Integrity Forum

When: Tuesday, July 31, 2018 00:00 - Sunday, August 12, 2018 00:00
Where: Fuzine, Croatia

ECPM, together with Political Training Activities Organization (SGP) and EDI are organizing the EDI forum. 

Over the course of these two weeks, participants from Southeast Europe and beyond (over 15 different countries), will engage in workshops, small groups, lectures and fun social activities.  All EDI programs are designed to develop an understanding of economic diplomacy, explain how to live out the principles of Jesus, develop vision for change and create strong bonds of life-long friendships.

In 2018 we plan to add more elements of service to the local community, believing that good leaders need to serve.  And more engagement with the local community, bringing them into our workshops and lectures as well as going out to them for perhaps concerts, help amongst their poor and other service projects.  We really want to bless the community.

We will also continue our focus on the Roma and refugee work in the Balkans, as well as tackling corruption and strengthening entrepreneurship, political engagement, and visions, helping the poor and reconciliation between ethnic groups in the Balkans and beyond.

Moreover, in 2015, we implemented, for the first time, a very successful EDI advanced specifically for the team members who were already EDI participants.  Every other day they had private mentoring and life-coaching with key leaders from EDI. We did this again in 2016 and 2017 and will continue to do this again in 2018.

We are striving as well to help engage young people in local politics.  We have had some success with EDI graduates running for local government and hope to have more.  In 2018 we are planning to strengthen our relationship with SGP, ECPM as well as local politicians from Southeast Europe.

The main objectives of the EDI Croatia are:

  1. To engage young professionals and students (ages 18-35) primarily from Southeast Europe, but also from the wider international community in a series of conversations on economics, diplomacy and politics to encourage and promote post-war reconciliation, relations, and development.
  1. To facilitate the formation of new business plans, political networks and other projects and assist in their implementation by developing a plan, working on logistics, and creating a network of support.
  1. To support professional networks by connecting current participants with former participants, and leaders in EDI and ROM.  Also, to connect them to political networks that reflect the values of EDI, including the SGP and Christian Union party of the Netherlands, and Europe-wide European Christian Political Movement (ECPM).
  1. To practically apply the principles of Jesus through regional and community outreach of various kinds.
  1. To highlight successful leaders in the region and create a space for them to share and invest themselves in a new generation of leaders.

If you are interested in participating in the summerschool please send an email to