Events » Christian Social Congress "Free Nation"
Christian Social Congress "Free Nation"

When: Saturday, June 17, 2017 10:00 - Saturday, June 17, 2017 15:00
Where: Tower Service hall (8 Chałubińskiego street), Warsaw, Poland

ECPM MEP Marek Jurek from our member party Right Wing of the Republic (Prawica Rzeczypospolitej) co-organises this conference with ECPM.

Under the slogan "Free nation", the IV Christian Social Congress took place on Saturday in Warsaw. As emphasized by Marek Jurek, President of the Right of the Republic, the Congress had, among others, encouraged debate on the direction of constitutional changes.

In his inauguration speech, Jurek emphasized that Saturday's congress takes place at a special moment. "When the whole world enters very dynamic changes, often dangerous changes that we will have to take as a position in Poland," he said.

Among these changes and challenges he mentioned redefining human rights, family crisis, demographic crisis, building Poland's position in Europe and competitiveness with the Western world. "Meanwhile, the Polish public debate, as we see it with the naked eye, is not focused on problems." The Polish public debate is focused on the struggle of the opposing parties, or rather party centers, "he said.

 "We are dealing with party headquarters that want to tell Poles how Marxists: + freedom is a conscious necessity, either us or they +" - he added.

Jurek emphasized that Polish public opinion does exist, but it must actively influence the state's affairs. "Really deep political reform is needed," he said.

The head of the Rzeczpospolita right also pointed out during his speech that Saturday's congress is also the answer to the presidential proposal for a constitutional debate in the context of the announced constitutional referendum on the constitution.

"Constitutional changes in Poland should strengthen our freedom, strengthen our national institutions, and not relativize them" - said Jurek.

As he emphasized, the new constitution should be the constitution of the 21st century. "The 21st century Constitution should be aware, should protect us against the pressure of international structures, from the pressure of various oligarchic power and party parties, from the media oligarchy," he said.

In this context, Jurek recalled some of the constitutional demands of the Right of the Polish Republic: the right to life, unblocking changes in electoral law (as he emphasized - strengthening the MP's mandate and strengthening social control), introducing single-member constituency electoral and majority elections.

"The 21st century Constitution should, above all, reinforce fundamental rights," he said.

"Our congress is to encourage us to a very serious debate on these two basic issues today: in what direction the constitutional changes should go and what to do to make us start respecting again" - he added.

During the congress, questions and issues will be discussed: "What Constitution Poland needs" and "Respect and community: Reconstruction of national solidarity". Their speeches will include MEP Michał Kazimierz Ujazdowski, MP Kukiz'15 Tomasz Rzymkowski, councilors to the regional council of Mazovia Province, Rzeczpospolita right: Marian Ball and Krzysztof Kawęcki, priest. prof. Piotr Mazurkiewicz, prof. Aleksander Stępkowski from Ordo Iuris and publicists, including Łukasz Warzecha, Weronika Kostrzewa, Tomasz Krzyżak. Among the invited guests were also the deputy head of the Belarusian National Front Aleksander Karwacki.

The Christian Social Congress, as its organizers emphasize, is a platform for understanding for Catholic and conservative circles to create the strength of the right-wing Republican and Catholic right.