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Christian Change Makers

When: Wednesday, August 18, 2021 00:00 - Tuesday, August 24, 2021 00:00
Where: Switzerland

Christian Changemakers offers a year-long program for young Christians during which they will learn to bring their values, visions, and knowledge across in the best way possible. Change-making starts within, and the program will help participants bring it out and enacting it, so that they become the impactful Christian leaders they want to be.

This program fosters a new generation of strong Christian politicians equipped with the necessary practical skills to be effective public servants and connected with a network of like-minded changemakers. As such, they will be inspired to uphold Christian values, a Biblical worldview and a servant-hearted attitude in European politics. Christian Changemakers is the space for young Christian politicians to expand their intellectual, practical, spiritual, and relational horizons for a long-term impact. If you are running for national or European Parliament, have an ambition to run for office, or want to work in the political sphere, you are eligible for this life-changing program.

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