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Ambassadors for a Better World

When: Thursday, October 1, 2020 00:00 - Sunday, October 4, 2020 00:00
Where: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

In lieu of its large, two-week conference held annually in Croatia, Renewing Our Minds (ROM) and the Forum for Leadership & Reconciliation decided to organize smaller events with ROM alumni, which would be safer and easier to attend in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

The 4-day event in Cluj Napoca was well-attended by young professionals and future leaders in their respective areas. They had the opportunity to hear from artists, CEOs, politicians and influencers in person as well as via video from all over the world.

The speakers have focused on servant and compassionate leadership, where each of us have the opportunity to step up and be the leader we hope to see in the world. It is cultivating a people-centered attitude, instead of chasing personal interest and profit, based on the teachings of Jesus.

The attendees have also been inspired and encouraged to seek the well-being of the foreigner and the refugee, to be the eyes, the feet and hands of Jesus in this world, reaching out to those in need.

The event ended with a celebratory dinner where the founders of Forum and ROM each had a word of hope and encouragement for the participants.


MEP Cristian Terhes

Bojan & Rachel Ruvarac

Liviu Mocan

Dr. Bianca Rusu

Dr. Catherine Lourdes Dy

Heather Nicola Staff

Hermund Haaland

Anthony Cordle

Lars Rise