About ECPM

About ECPM

The European Christian Political Movement (ECPM) is the only European political party that aims to reflect and work on Christian-democratic politics in Europe from an explicitly Christian-social point of view. This movement includes Christian-democratic and Christian-social parties, NGOs and think tanks in Europe.

Unlike other European parties, the ECPM focuses on the human being in his relationship to God, other people and the creation. We see this relational thinking as the heart of Christian-democracy. With its distinctive Christian-democratic profile, the ECPM is certain that it can offer constructive new ideas for the future of Europe.

In our continent and the nations within it, we face growing problems. Neither the individualistic conservative-liberal nor the technocratic social-democrat approaches are able to give an adequate response or produce robust solutions.

People distrust political institutions and their work. There are growing tensions between different religious and ethnic groups in Europe. European nations are supporting each other less at a time when we need solidarity to deal with our social, economic security and environmental problems.

We want to promote the Christian-democratic perspective on these 21st century questions. They affect the relationships individuals have in the community. They also affect our common responsibility for our society. We are convinced that Christian-social thought can generate political solutions. This can contribute to the well-being of the people in Europe. Christian-democracy made its contribution since its beginning in the 19th century with politicians like Groen van Prinsterer. Christian-democrats like Robert Schuman and Alcide de Gasperi laid in the 20th century the foundations of the European Union. We are convinced that Christian-democracy has an important role to play in the 21st century as well.

The ECPM aims to spread these Christian democratic ideas throughout Europe together with its social expression and to mobilize politicians and parties in Europe around Christian values. The source of these Christian values are the Bible and the Christian tradition. These sources are in itself not a political program. These sources call us to serve the people of Europe and inspire us to work on a just government that pursues justice, freedom, peace and a well-ordered society.

The basic teachings of Christian social thought appeal to everyone, irrespective of their faith, because they are founded on the pursuit of justice and liberty. If Christianity has shaped European civilization, it has done so in providing the institutions of justice, education, health and help to the weak and the unfortunate.


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Bergstraat 33
3811 NG Amersfoort
The Netherlands
+31 33 304 0011

Brussels Office

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1040 Brussels
+32 22 301 300

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