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Ladislav Ilčić

Ladislav Ilčić

Ladislav Ilčić is the candidate for EP from Croatia. He is the Chairman of Hrast party and also a board member of the ECPM.

About Ladislav Ilčić

Ladislav Ilčić is the European Union Parliament candidate and Chairman of Hrast party in Croatia and also a board member of the European Christian Political Movement.
He was born on 4/8/1970 in Varaždin, Croatia, is married and has six children. Ladislav is also an accomplished musician, a violinist and member of the Symphonic orchestra of the Croatian radio/ television since 1995.
His political experience includes membership in the Council for laity of the Croatian bishop conference (2012-present) and city councilor on the Varaždin City Council (2013-2017); he was also a member of the Croatian Parliament (2015-2016) and special adviser to the ministers of Foreign Affairs (2016-2017) and Culture (2017-2018).


Mr. Ilčić is running in the 2019 elections with a focus on a few key policies: he is calling for more autonomy for the member states where the national governments have more control and are more involved. Resulting from this, he would like to see the EU refrain from issuing legislation on family values, marriage issues and education as those should remain national competences. Ladislav strongly believes that the foundation of every EU document should be the dignity of the human being. He is also advocating for equality among EU member states, where smaller states shouldn’t suffer or be left behind economically. Regarding migration, Mr. Ilčić believes the EU should offer more help and support to people in their own countries and the flow of (illegal) migration should be better controlled.