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Inga Bite

Inga Bite

Inga Bite is the Latvian candidate from the Latvian Alliance of Regions for the upcoming EP elections.

About Inga Bite


Inga Bite is a Latvian politician who has served two terms as a member of the Parliament (Saeima) of Latvia. She is in the third position on the list for her party: the Latvian Alliance of Regions (Latvijas Regionu Apvieniba).

She was first elected to the Parliament in 2011 when she also became a deputy-speaker of the Parliament. She was re-elected in 2014. Before 2011 Inga Bite held responsibilities as a civil servant in the State Chancellery of Latvia, and as an assistant to the head of the Court in the Judiciary of Latvia. She also used her skills and knowledge in several EU projects in Ukraine, Moldova, Kosovo and other countries. Inga Bite holds a Master’s degree in Law and is fluent in Latvian, English and Russian. Inga Bite is married and has three children.

Ms. Bite believes the European Union is based on Christian values. Its Founding Fathers were Christian, and their vision of Europe was a vision of unity, peace, economic development and collaboration. Over time European Union has become a mechanism which many countries, and especially peoples, are failing to understand. Brexit is the brightest example of this process. She calls for Europe to return to its roots, focusing mainly on peace, stability and economic development of the region, providing for free movement of goods and peoples, but not trying to push any ideological or artificial theories on its members.

"I believe in a Europe that spreads light around the world, that upholds and develops the Christian values of respect, love, sharing and caring. I believe in a Europe that is strong for its citizens, that cherishes families and provides for the environment where new families feel safe enough both physically and economically to have children and thrive." - Inga Bite