You can help put an end to human trafficking in Romania!

Human trafficking linked to prostitution is a huge problem in Eastern Europe. Thousands of women and children are trafficked from this area to other parts of the (western) world every year. Human trafficking and forced prostitution are the biggest threat to human dignity in Europe. Unfortunately this horror continues in a large scale.

Politicians, together with law enforcement and civil society need to work and act together to end this modern day slavery.

With this purpose ECPM, together with European Freedom Network, are organizing a conference that will take place in the Romanian Parliament. We are hoping to bring together more than 150 politicians and representatives of organizations working in the field of combating human trafficking.

It will cost ECPM over €6.000 of direct project costs to organize this event, which is about €50 per person. Help us raise the funds for this conference in order to have a bigger exposure and impact![i]



[i] 100% of your donation will be used for direct project costs as ECPM is already covering any indirect cost itself.


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