Vote Christian! Vote for ECPM candidates!

This week many EU-citizens will go to the ballot box to cast their vote. ECPM is partnering up with many candidates in 10 EU-countries. At the moment, Christians are under-represented in the European Parliament. You can change this!

When you vote for an ECPM candidate you vote for someone who:

  • Ensures human dignity as foundation for political decisions because everyone is created in the image and likeness of God and therefore valuable.
  • Prioritizes family as the base for society and economy because families produce and nurture the most important economic asset: people.
  • Encourages the development of sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation because we cannot solve the problems of today with yesterday’s solutions.
  • Protects the freedom of religion, expression and conscience because these freedoms guarantee real plurality and diversity.
  • Aims to stop human trafficking and sexual exploitation because we must end this modern-day slavery as soon as possible.

Curious about our spearheads and our candidates? Watch the video here or check our elections page:

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