Vote Christian! Slovakia and Latvia

Saturday May 24, Slovakian and Latvian citizens will be able to cast their vote and choose their representative in the European Parliament for the next five years. These elections are extremely important as there is a critical need for more vocal Christians in the European Parliament. Although Christianity is by far the biggest religion in Europe, Christians are underrepresented in the European Parliament. You can help changing this by voting Christian candidates in Slvoakia and Latvia!

Branislav Škripek

ECPM urges the voters from Slovakia to vote for Branislav Škripek (party list: OĽaNO). In 2000 Škripek co-founded a nongovernmental organization which organized public Christian meetings, worked with young people, traveled through Slovakia with the 'Campaign for Jesus’ and organized training seminars and workshops. In addition, he made ​​a living as a translator and interpreter. In 2012 Škripek was elected into the Slovakian parliament and has been an active promoter of Christian values in national politics.

Mareks Raups

In Latvia you can vote on ECPM member KDS. Mareks Raups is the leading candidate for this party. Mareks Raups is a businessman and ship navigator. He studied at the Latvian Maritime Academy and the Riga specialized military academy. Mareks is board member of the KDS, chair of the Jurmala branch and member of the ECPM Advisory Council.

Inga Bite

Inga Bite is another Latvian ECPM candidate for the European Parliament, she studied Law at the Latvian University Faculty of Law. She worked in the Supreme Court for the Regional Administrative Assistant to the President and as an assistant to the Judge. In 2011 she was elected into the Latvian parliament. From 2012-2013 Bite was elected as deputy speaker of the parliament. Bite is on the list of Reģionu alianse.

Make the difference in Slovakia and Latvia, vote Christian!

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