Vandals attack office EVP Switzerland for partaking in March for Life

Wednesday last week one of the ECPM member parties, the Evangelische Volkspartei (EVP) in Switzerland, has suffered a serious attack on their offices in Zürich. The façade has been vandalized severely as windows were broken and texts and symbols were painted at the walls.

The cause of this damage was the party’s participation in the Marsch fürs Läbe (March for Life). The party was to take part in this pro-life demonstration for the first time to show that the EVP values the human dignity of an unborn baby just as high as the dignity of another person who is born. However, two days before the March the façade was stained with texts reading “Marsch fürs Läbe angreifen”, meaning “attacking the March for Life”, and several hammer and sickles. Paint bombs were thrown against the façade and windows were broken. The repairs will likely cost several thousand Swiss Francs.

The EVP pointed to the deep roots of Swiss democracy and defended the freedom of speech. Marc Jost, who is Secretary General of the Swiss Evangelical Alliance (SEA) and one of the leaders of the EVP in Bern, said “I would hope people who disagree come and have a debate and not become violent”. ECPM stands for the democratic value of freedom of expression, and therefore strongly condemns any violent attack on another human being for expressing their views.

ECMP urges the Council of Europe in concordance with the Parliamentary Assembly in Resolution 2036 (2015) to take measures to ensure the effective enjoyment of the protection of freedom of religion or belief afforded to every individual in Europe. Such acts of hostility, violence, and vandalism against Christians or people of any other religion or belief are unacceptable. 

Source of the image: EVP Kanton Zürich

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