'UNESCO decision is a shame'

A new UNESCO resolution denies that Hebron and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem have any historical ties to Judaism by only referring to the historic sites by their Muslim names.

Although the Temple Mount has been a historic site for both Jews and Christians for thousands of years, a new UNESCO resolution now denies those and only recognizes ties Muslims have to the site. The resolution, adopted at the committee stage, used only Muslim names for the historic sites located in the Old City of Jerusalem. ECPM is shocked by this development.

Several ECPM members have visited Israel this week, amongst whom ECPM President Peter Östman, ECPM MEP Bastiaan Belder and ECPM MEP Branislav Skripek. Together with parliamentarians from all over the world, they are visiting Israel for the Israel Allies Foundation Jerusalem Chairman's Conference that is taking place from October 19 until October 21 at Sukkot (the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles).

ECPM President Peter Östman is very outspoken about the UNESCO decision:

“The UNESCO resolution is a shame and a slap in the face to both Jews and Christians. UNESCO's solution is one among others, in a series of recently taken, bizarre decisions in various United Nations organizations with regards to Israel.”

 President Östman and other present ECPM members fully supported the declaration that was made by the Israel Allies Foundation Jerusalem Chairman's Conference:

THEREFORE, we the undersigned participants of the 2016 Israel Allies Foundation Jerusalem Chairman’s Conference:

CONGRATULATE the State of Israel and the Jewish people on the upcoming 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification as their eternal and indivisible capital, and upcoming 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration; and   

SUPPORT the Jewish State of Israel in asserting its legal rights and biblical promises to sovereignty and self-defense upon the entirety of its lands and territories, recognizing the need of people of all faiths for a strong and united Israel, with Jerusalem as its eternal and indivisible capital; and

CALL upon governments, institutions and leaders around the world, as a matter of official policy, to reject UNESCO’s recent resolution seeking to deny Jerusalem’s Jewish origins and Christian beliefs and heritage, and furthermore the misrepresentation of the Jewish State of Israel as an occupier, duly noting the anti-Semitic nature and effect of the term’s improper usage against the State of Israel. 

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