Transparency and credibility are vital for the new Commission and the European Institutions

On 25 November, the European Parliament will vote on the motion of censure tabled by the EFDD Group that aims to sack EC President Jean-Claude Juncker over his alleged role in turning Luxembourg into Europe’s biggest tax haven.

It is the question if directly removing Juncker from his position is the right decision as a thorough investigation has not taken place. However, there is a clear need to investigate these allegations. Technical arguments that this is an issue between the EP and the current Luxembourg government are insufficient to talk down the current situation.

ECPM MEP Beatrix von Storch has been very vocal on this issue and the recent allegations have re-confirmed her doubts on the EC President:

“I have voted against Juncker as President of the Commission, and against the Commission itself. My suspicion and lack of trust in him have not been eliminated by the allegations of tax evasion, but rather they have been confirmed and strengthened.”

Jean-Claude Juncker was Prime Minister of Luxembourg for more than 17 years. The way he governed Luxembourg and the way he dealt with taxes and tax avoidance are relevant and even essential to know for the European citizens and the European Parliament. The ECPM supports an economic model based on a Christian relational view, advocating fair competition and responsible use of economic resources to serve people’s needs.  If proved that Junker acted to enrich his nation behind his European partners back, it will conflict with one of the main principles of ECPM.

Additionally, Jean-Claude Juncker was elected as the President of the European Commission for his vision on the European Commission and the European Union. If his actions in the past, even if being legal as some of Luxembourg officials claim, are in sharp contrast with the vision he communicated in recent period, his credibility receives a serious blow and the European Parliament should reconsider the idea of having a President of the Commission who has not been doing in the past what he is saying now.

Therefore a thorough investigation should take place and after this investigation the European Parliament should decide if Jean-Claude Juncker is the right person for this position. In order to avoid conflict of interests and ensure a fully transparent investigation which is free from any pressure, Juncker should temporarily step down during the investigation.

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