Terrorist attacks demand very concrete response in Syria

The ECPM is deeply shocked over the terrorist attacks in Lyons, Kobane, Sousse and Kuwait. We express our deepest sympathy for all those who lost their loved ones and we call for immediate aid for those wounded in Kobane. It seems that all attacks have been carried out by ISIS.

Little attention has been given to the fact that simultaneously ISIS attacked Hassakeh city where it took the quarters controlled by Assad and merciless murdered citizens as well. ISIS is now only kept from more advances by the brave resistance of YPG and Syriac Military Council. The UN reports that 60.000 have fled Hassakeh and 200.000 remain under YPG and SMC protected areas.

The ECPM repeats with great sorrow and increased urgency that the EU Member States adopt the European Parliament resolution of 12 March and send concrete military support to YPG and Syriac Military Council.

Their recent victories over ISIS prove that it is possible to defeat ISIS in Syria. The terrorist attacks elsewhere are evidence that ISIS needs to be defeated. The most effective way to do that is to defeat ISIS in its own strongholds in East Syria which is possible if the EU Member States support the Democratic Self Administration in Syria and its defensive forces.

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