Slovenian people reject same-sex marriage

Yesterday, the majority of the Slovenian voters rejected a law that would give couples in same-sex relationships the right to marry and adopt children. This was the second referendum on this topic in four years.

The rejected law would give LGBT couples the right to adopt children and formally and symbolically equalize their relation to heterosexual marriage. Around 63 percent of voters rejected the law while 37 percent supported it. The NGO "For Children" called for a referendum on this issue due to the passing of a law in March that would give same-sex couples the right to marry and adopt children. One of the main arguments of this NGO was that "the law would deny the basic right of a child to have a mother and a father".

ECPM welcomes the choice of the Slovenian people and asks EU Institutions to respect their choice. Marriage is a matter of national competence and EU involvement on this issue should be limited. Referenda held in Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia in recent years show that there is a large part of Europeans, especially in central and eastern Europe, who think differently about marriage and LGBT adoption than western European countries.

ECPM is pleased with the growing engagement of these citizens and calls for more respect and a better valuation of real diversity of opinions in the European Union.

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