Slovakia defines marriage as union between a man and a woman

Yesterday, the 5th June 2014, a large majority of the Slovakian Parliament voted to define marriage as "a unique bond between a man and a woman". With this decision, the Slovak Republic followed other EU members as Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Hungary and Croatia. The support in the Slovakian Parliament was overwhelming: 102 parliamentarians voted in favor of the constitutional amendment, while 18 voted against.

It is becoming clear that more and more Central and Eastern European countries choose to protect the definition of marriage. The Slovak decision reiterates, once again, that the definition of marriage should never be an EU competence, but that the member states should always decide this for themselves.

ECPM congratulates the Slovakian Parliament with this decision and urges the EU Institutions to respect this decision as the definition of marriage is not an EU competence.

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