Russian intervention in Syria is worsening the situation

The air attacks by Russia in Syria are not at all beneficial for a solution to the problems in Syria. Like the international community, the Democratic Self-Administration in Syria and other secular Syrian opposition groups, ECPM views the Russian intervention as destructive an unhelpful. ECPM is worried that Russian interference in the area will severly worsen the situation in Syria

Russian support for Assad and its Iranian and Hezbollah allies is not only bringing more misery to the Syrian people, it is also only serving to uphold the Assad regime. Furthermore, there has been little Russian action against ISIS. The Russian intervention is therefore destructive for Syria and dangerous for the region as it is giving more space for ISIS to expand.

What is urgently needed is more and substantial support for the only real home-grown inclusive and secular democracy in Syria which is the Democratic Self-Administration (DSA or Rojava) in Northern Syria. This is in line with the European Parliament resolution of 12 March calling the EU Member States to support the DSA and its defensive forces Syriac Military Council and the YPG who daily defend several millions of people against ISIS. The DSA is in urgent need of humanitarian, military, diplomatic and political support. The need for immediate humanitarian support is even more urgent as this impoverished area gives shelter to approx. 250.000 refugees.

The right European response to the Russian intervention is not to forsake the people of Syria but to support this democracy in Syria as the only way forward out of the war against ISIS and the Syrian civil war. ECPM understands that many western countries are very reserved when it comes to arming any force in the Middle East but in order to stop ISIS those groups who have shown to be reliable partners shoud be assited now before it is too late. Especially now Russian forces will further support the Assad regime the only viable alternative is to support a home-grown democratic Syrian group that has proven to be able and reliable in protecting Syrians against ISIS.


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