Register now for our conference on palliative care!

ECPM warmly welcomes you to our conference on palliative care on November 12 in the European Parliament. This conference is hosted by our MEP’s Belder and Skripek.  Please read more about the speakers below or click on the link to register.

Dr. Paul Lieverse, anesthesiologist and pain specialist at Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam will present a medical perspective on palliative care and. Prof. Dr. Lukas Radbruch, Chair of the Board of Directors of the International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care will present an ethical perspective on the Achievements of palliative care and societal responses. Mr. Tugdual Derville, French expert on law and the application of the French legislation in relation to palliative care will present a legal perspective on palliative care, based on the experiences in France.

In addition to these speakers, Mr Bastiaan Belder, Mr Branislav Skripek and Miroslav Mikolasik MEP, Chairman of the EPP Working Group on Bio-Ethics and Human Dignity, will share a political view on the issue.

All those present will have the opportunity to ask their questions after each presentation or during the coffee break.

For practical information and registration, please click here.

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